Feeding Rhode Island Families

So many low-income families right here in the state of Rhode Island are struggling to have access right now to the most basic of needs: nutrition! The health crisis has put a significant strain on the livelihood of families in our community – our marginalized and low-income communities are the ones most at risk and in need of our help.

That is why we have decided to step up and help the Rhode Island Food Bank in order to make sure families in our town aren’t going hungry during these times of instability.

As insurance providers, we can attest to how much this health crisis has impacted our community. So many of our customers and friends, especially ones working in the service industry have been let go due to the lockdowns. And now, more than ever, it’s time to step up and make sure that the most vulnerable, especially underserved Hispanic and African American communities, have access to enough food to feed their loved ones.

Our crew here at S.Fargiorgio Agency has decided to support the ongoing life-saving efforts of Rhode Island Food Bank . The time is now to take action! 

Simply recommend someone to us for a quote we will donate $10 to The American Cancer Society through Real Men Wear Pink. It’s that easy! There is no obligation to purchase, they just need to receive a quote. 


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