Learning Today For A Better Tomorrow!

Here at S. Fargiorgio Agency, it is our priority to ensure our community’s most vulnerable neighbors are presented with the resources to live well and thrive. Our goal is to work with organizations in our local area that share our same vision of a community where no one feels alone.

This said, we are dedicating our agency’s efforts to supporting the next generation of students on their journey to achieve their highest potential. For our next campaign cycle, our team will join Inspiring Minds, whose mission is to empower students to succeed and thrive in school.

This youth-driven organization offers programs that develop close connections through which young people discover who they are, gain skills to shape their own lives, and learn how to interact and contribute to the world around them. As a result, these children will have the tools they need to thrive and become the innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

In a dedicated effort to assist Inspiring Minds in continuing to pursue the achievement of its mission, our agency will be donating $10 on your behalf for every single recommendation you send our way that receives a no-obligation quote! All funds raised will support and create positive change in our community.

To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE