Anania Chiropractic

At Anania Chiropractic, we are a part of your neighborhood community and look forward to serving you! We understand that choosing your chiropractic care is an important decision. Dr. Karen Anania, M.S. has been treating patients in the Providence area since she opened Anania Chiropractic in 1998. Many refer to the office as the "Gucci of the Chiropractic profession," from the moment you walk in to the office the designer decor and ambiance creates an immediate sense of relaxation and warmth. All of our staff use state of the art iPads and medical management software to keep your health care information accurate, technologically current and accessible. We are the only office in R.I. offering a mechanical traction massage chair imported from Japan that massages and tractions every part of the body easing and relaxing all the muscles and joints. Everyone of our staff members are fluent in Spanish including the doctor.

170 Broadway

Providence, Rhode Island 02903

Phone: (401) 521-2225