Meet Our Team

Simone Fargiorgio
Agency Principal

Born in Italy, Simone Fargiorgio moved to the United States in 1970 and joined the insurance industry in 1986. Growing up in Cranston, Simone’s primary agency is located across Cranston City Hall and his old high school, Cranston East High School, from which he graduated from in 1975.

Working in the insurance industry for over 30 years, Simone finds it rewarding being able to help people achieve their goals and dreams. And when not helping people, Simone loves spending time with his two grandchildren, Luca and Bianca.

Simone also loves entertaining his family and friends and cooking for them, which is a great passion for him. He’s even said that if he did not go the insurance industry route, he would have become a chef.

Simone volunteers at Meeting Street School, Making Strides for Breast Cancer RI chapter for which he does a yearly walk to raise awareness and funds.

Fabrizia Fargiorgio
Customer Service

Fabrizia grew up in Cranston and attended Cranston West High School. She then went on to study communications in college with a focus on speech and hearing. She now has three years working in the insurance industry and is a licensed producer in the state of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Within the insurance world, you have the opportunity to meet new people which is what Fabrizia enjoys the most from her job. She also likes knowing they are receiving the best customer service experience.

When not in the office, Fabrizia could be found reading a good book, discussing books with people who have also read the same books or receiving new book recommendations. On the weekends, Fabrizia likes spending it with her friends shopping or indulging on a night out with dinner.

Fabrizia is a huge supporter of the arts and in the past, has volunteered at the local theater.

Guido Fargiorgio

I grew up in Cranston, graduated from Cranston High School West, and attended Rhode Island College for Mass Media Communications.

What I pride myself the most in my role here at the agency is my ability to connect and interact with people. This is a very big and important part of this job.

Outside of work, my biggest passion would probably be my love of sports; all sports, soccer above all. Something people may not know about me is that I love creative writing. I’ve tried all forms of it from poetry to short stories, to scriptwriting. On the weekends one can surely find me spending quality time with my family and friends.

Gaetana Fargiorgio
Office Manager

Born in Italy, Gaetana grew up in Toronto, Canada. She notes how thankful she is having had the opportunity growing up in a diverse cultural background her entire life. Gaetana now speaks two languages and learned a third language completely on her own.

For ten years, Gaetana has been a licensed sales producer for property and casualty. She loves meeting new people and adequately addressing their needs. Gaetana also finds the constant change in the industry and figuring out how to best provide services exciting.

In her spare time, Gaetana loves watching her family grow and is a proud grandmother. She can also be seen shopping for the house or food, watching HGTC or The Food Network, or admiring Bollywood films.

Gaetana has volunteered for TOPS as a coach for their soccer team.

“I feel passionate about children with disabilities and admire their strength and joie de vivre.” – Gaetana Fargiorgio


Stephen Vitale
Sales Producer

I have been helping people protect their interests for 35 years. Whether it be warranties on their autos or insurance on their home or auto. It excites me to be able to contribute to my community, I love the handshake and smile I get at the end.

I grew up in Providence. I graduated From Lasalle Academy, and then New England Tech. I Sent 35 Years in the Automotive industry and now made the Switch to Insurance. I love helping people protect their interests whether it be Auto or Home —  it’s a joy when people leave happy and secure.

When I’m not in the office, you can usually find me working around the house.