Accident Insurance

Protect Your Future With Accident Insurance

We don’t like to imagine bad things happening to ourselves or our loved ones. That’s why supplemental coverage like accident insurance is so important.

Accident insurance policies pay out if a person has a covered accident or injury. Many employers offer some form of accident coverage, usually allowing for premiums to be paid directly through payroll deductions. Employees find accident plans useful to help make up their out-of-pocket costs while they meet their medical plan’s deductible. Accident plans typically pay a certain dollar amount based on the specific type of accident or injury.

Just about anyone can benefit from accident coverage. After all, that’s why they’re accidents – if we knew what was going to happen all the time, no one would need insurance! Families with children who are involved in sports or other high-impact physical activities may find such a policy especially advantageous. Policies can usually be tailored to a family’s specific needs. A consumer might purchase a policy for only themselves, just their spouse or children, or the whole family.

Accident plans typically work on an as-needed basis. When a covered person experiences an accident, a claim is submitted to the insurance company. Once the claim is processed, payment is issued – usually in the form of a check or direct deposit.

In addition to the per-accident payment model, some plans offer coverage for accidental death or disability. An accidental death plan pays an agreed upon amount to the deceased person’s beneficiary should that person die in an accident. Disability insurance regularly pays a specific benefit amount (usually a percentage of the person’s salary when they were working) to the policyholder if they’re injured and can’t work. These policies can usually be purchased separately, but consumers often find it more cost-effective to buy bundled coverage.

We can’t predict the future. When a person is out of work due to an accident, it can mean a missed mortgage payment. It can mean choosing to pay medical bills or putting food on the table. When we buy an insurance policy, we are really investing in our family’s future. Accident coverage is one way to take some of the uncertainty out of that future.